My request to accelerate my court hearing (May 2) was declined. This is simply not what Plato’s Republic had in mind. But it would have been hard to believe one of the greatest nations on earth could turn into moral pulp.

The pervert got his 401k and immediately bought 3 tickets to the Billy Joel concert in Hollywood, California, in May. Not bad for a man who stiffed his attorney and is nearly $30k in credit card debt.

But life goes on, at least for me it does.

While I was up in the armpit of our county, the Family Law Courthouse, I stopped by and got a nice tea from McDonalds. While there I heard a conversation between one of the patrons and the register person behind the counter,

“So when were you laid off from the courthouse?” the customer inquired.

The McDonald’s counter person replied, “it’s been 8 months now.”

I laughed to myself. So this who is who just declined my request to expedite the hearing to see my daughter. I guess I should have asked that my trial be super sized and it might have been granted.

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