I have not seen my daughter in 9 months. She remains sequestered away behind the gates of Blackhawk.

There are a number of things that have occurred over the last months. The pervert has taken her out of the state a number of times. She’s missed an average of 2 days a month of school, including a trip to Florida to a Billy Joel concert the week before finals. She was in a car accident where it took 2 hours to separate the cars. As fate would have it, she collided with a friend of mine.

Forget that he’s suppose to be discussing my daughter’s life, doctor’s appointments, college applications, etc. with me. Our court date is May 2. It will be nearly a year by then.

There have been times when the pain was unbearable… but every day is gets a little easier to go on. I often wonder how people like Sue Mayo continue to go unabated. I’ve heard of other stories where Mayo has taken even younger children away from one parent or the other. Theatre major. Too bad she didn’t succeed in theatre where the stakes aren’t so high.

Her highest claim to fame is that she can read police reports and has testified in court proceedings. Seriously? This is who the state relies on to discern children’s fates? The true test of of man’s character is…

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