While I’ve heard from the state licensing board for theatre majors who pivot to become social workers and have “experience in reading police reports” (Sue Mayo, social worker extrodinaire’s Linked In), I have yet to hear anything from the director of James Paulsen. Guess he’s too busy removing other children from divorcing families.

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  1. Amicus Curiae says:

    James Paulsen is a very emotional man, who makes baseless “recommendations” from the bowels of the Family Court Services Mediation department. This upset individual has been employed in his role far too long, and the cracks are starting to show.

    James, or Jim, or Jimmy, or whatever he goes by, fails to substantiate his recommendations with facts, much in line with the rest of his department. Quite frankly, amongst litigants he is considered an embarrassment to the department, and even the legal community is beginning to question his authority.

    In my opinion, his days are numbered. If he continues to act on a whim, and demonstrate petty emotional outbursts, he may be bucked from the County — unless, of course, they’re too mired in corruption to give two shits.

    • Jim Paulsen is a damned good Administrator and counselor. He cares about the litigants, is intelligent, and has a reputation for impartiality. He is considered anything but an “embarrassment.” Maybe you should look in the mirror instead of blaming others.
      Merritt L. Weisinger
      Certified Family Law Specialist

      • cpawn says:

        Well that’s a well-stated case for Paulsen. No dog in the fight there. And what makes him so great? Because you say so. “Reputation” is contextual and you’re neither a consumer nor impartial.

  2. mary says:

    please contact me! paulsen concealed evidence related to my case as well! he lied numerous times in his mediation report that was presented to the judge of my family case.

    he told me that my evidence was not admissable and discouraged me from putting it in any future filing, though counsel and independent experts, including doctors, believed it had merit.

    also, though my ex was convicted for domestic violence james paulsen said i need to find it in my heart to forgive him. jim paulsen also diagnosed me as “delusional” which is against the Court Rules!

    • CPawnWPAdmin says:

      Hi Mary:

      Sounds like you’ve discovered where the kids with broken, unresolved emotional issues grow up and get jobs. Contra Costa County Family Court Services provides said broken individuals with an excellent opportunity to project their pain onto someone who looks like their inner demon–some distorted perception of the person who wronged them as children.

      Contra Costa Family Services is fertile ground where they can continue their emotional victimization while being saluted as a hero for working for pennies on the dollar because they can’t make it in their own practice.

      I never heard from James Paulsen. Ever. It’s now been years since I’ve seen my daughter. She’s 20. Her child-porn addicted father has since moved to Las Vegas where the laws on such things better suit him.

      The court system is not your friend. When I showed my ex’s own document admitting that he was a porn addict, his computer history of dark web child porn, I was told (and this is a direct quote from the theatre-lighting major-turned social worker)—“He’s allowed to look at whatever he wants. You need to get off that tangent.”

      They’re not fair. Most importantly, you need to remember – they are not on the side of right. Not even close. I don’t know what your faith is, but it may be all you have in times such as these. You are dealing with some of the world’s most notorious, maligned characters that use the position of power to inalterably change the lives of children.

      You could spend a week reading about the injustice of James Paulsen online. The guy leaves a trail of stench miles long. You won’t find anyone proclaiming he’s saved the world. In his little pea brain, he likely validates himself as King Solomon righting the wrongs of emotional earthlings going through a divorce. The most dangerous tyrants are those living in their head as just and fair.

      Unfortunately, Paulsen owns his little sandbox and for a minute (in the context of life) he’s been given dictatorial authority over your life. I am so sorry for your pain. I don’t know you, but I know about Paulsen’s long history of lazy, 5-year-old tantrums, emotionally-driven, disproportionate outbursts where, in any other place in the world of business or otherwise, the police would be called to collect the crazy man.

      I’m very sorry you’ve found yourself in his snare. You are in my prayers.

      Interesting side note: http://www.janeandjohnqpublic.com/blog

    • Grace says:

      We had mediation a few weeks ago and this man switched my words around and did not hear one word I was saying or did not demand any sort of accountability from father for his actions. I am not allowed to have contact when my son is with his father for no reason at all.
      Please give me any sort of advice you can….

      • CPawnWPAdmin says:

        Hello. I am so sorry. I’m sorry for you, and sorry for your son.

        Sadly, the court is a closed loop system. You have no recourse that I know of… perhaps someone else here knows otherwise, but I’ve not heard anything that gives any hope.

        Through family court we have relegated our children to some very broken souls who relish the power, and seek to, in a horribly distorted fashion, cure their own past wounds.

        You’re in my prayers.

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