Here’s Sue Mayo’s ensuing report. A couple facts that are just so blatantly in error, I feel compelled to address.

  1. My ex was never locked out of the house. He was locked out of 2 bedrooms… the one I was sleeping in and my office. These rooms had no other purpose and were certainly unimportant to him, until the night he violently broke them down. He stood over me as I turned around from my desk (He weighs 250 lbs., I weigh 135 — just saying) with his fists clenched. Yes. I would have been hurt had my oldest son not come in. To characterize it as he was simply looking for “his golf clubs” and I had locked him out of the family home is nothing short of insane. I suppose that speaks to an agenda.
  2. Read all about the TRO earlier in this blog. He filed it in family court because criminal court denied his request. Once I was removed from the home, he pulled a moving van up to the house and emptied it. Including my office and bedroom that he had Dad’s locksmith open after I repaired the doors he broke in (I have the receipt from Dad’s). He dropped the TRO shortly thereafter.

I’ve lost my daughter. It’s tragic. My sons have lost their sister. That’s tragic. Life goes on… by the grace of God. We are all so blessed and there is much joy beyond the legacy of an ex who is now a bad memory that only surfaces in connection with my daughter. Otherwise he’s a nobody. Still, evil persists is the family court and its jesters. The state’s agents who have done harm, continue to do harm and have absolutely no curiosity of its affect.

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5 Responses to That upon which we focus… increases

  1. Family court says:

    I don’t think that mediator is big on citing facts. Plus, juicy gossip is so Hollywood. Feelings are all of the rage anyway.

    But oh, check this out, whereby Sue Mayo pontificates about how humane and public-serving she is. Do you agree?

    “I write this as a government employee myself, having worked for the past 10+ years for the local courts right here in downtown Martinez. Imagine the reaction if I refused to serve a Muslim man, because I disagree with his religious views. Imagine if I refused to assist an interracial couple coming to the courthouse because I found that such a union was somehow contrary to my beliefs and morals. I have no doubt that I would lose my job instantly (and rightfully so).”

    But child porn is cool? Huh? What am I missing? I guess it’s okay to have limited good discretion in selected areas, while failing the overall litmus test of good judgment.

    Google perjury laws. It’s serious stuff. the Contra Costa District Attorney was even indicted on perjury.

    • CPawnWPAdmin says:

      WOW! Thank you for sharing this. So what we’ve established here is that Sue Mayo is morally superior. Just ask Sue Mayo.

      What a gem. So not only is she a brilliant government shill, she’s an ace journalist, too. Does the breadth of her almighty knowledge ever end?

      It might appear that child porn is an American liberty according to Theatre Lighting major extraordinaire Sue Mayo. After all, indulging parental sexual addiction trumps a child’s mental and emotional health. Forget about religious freedom. And while I’m on my soap box Miss Mayo… consensus should not be confused with truth. Even then, California voters clarified their position on this topic twice and it was usurped by a single judge. What a self righteous ruler in the mighty kingdom of Sue Mayo you are.

      Dissenting voices apparently pop your already unsettled cork. If only we could all be as brilliant you. A “healthy debate” is not within your ability. Master or nothing for our brilliant little Liberal Arts major… debate takes intellect.

      Continue to damage children and families in an attempt to rectify your own childhood demons my dear. It will not ease that inner struggle that is as apparent as the nose on your face.

      Life is a cabaret, eh Mayo? Ah, the tortured life of the brilliant “government employee.”

      • Child Advocate says:

        Please check out this book and pre-order it. Lori Handrahan is a PhD from the London School of Economics and has endured her own tiring battle in the corrupt family court.

        “The problem of child sex abuse and its cover-up is real. A generation of American children are being destroyed. If you think this happens to someone else’s children and your children are safe, you are mistaken. Your children might be enduring sexual abuse right now while you remain dangerously ignorant. America’s appetite for child pornography puts all our children at risk. Your children and mine. Whether you acknowledge it or not. This book is a wake-up call about a subject too few people want to discuss. That is, while no one was watching, America has become a child pornography nation.”

        In fact, why don’t you buy two copies, and donate one to Sue Mayo. Couldn’t Sue Mayo use some more education? Her reading this book might help her out in understanding the real world a little bit better.

        • CPawnWPAdmin says:

          Thanks for the great recommendation. I’ll need more than 2 – after all, what a Christmas list I have… Danville PD, Paulsen, my and the list goes on…

  2. Norene Kean says:

    Keep it up! I think you will probably not care if I browse around your blog a bit more. “We must laugh at man, to avoid crying for him.” by Napoleon Bonaparte..

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