I came across this bit of local news today. I don’t think a week goes by that I don’t recount my encounter with this officer. I doubt she even knows the impact she had with her lack of training and immaturity. At least that’s what I hope it is because if that’s how they train officers these days, we’re doomed.

After my ex violently smashed through two locked interior doors to get to me inside the home, and then stood centimeters from my face breathing heavily, shoulders pulled back ready to do harm… I scrambled for my phone and called 911. This lovely officer showed up only to stand in the middle of my living room and ask me, “what did you do to make him mad?– he said you took his golf clubs… ”

Let’s just say I’d rather die than ever call upon the Danville Police. Lesson learned.

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4 Responses to Talent better served

  1. Allan Shields says:


    Please give me a call so I can look into your case. Our officers wear body cameras and I would like to review the footage, interview the officers and determine the circumstances regarding your interaction with our officer.

    I would like to encourage you or anyone else who feels that they have had a bad experience with the Danville Police Department to reach out to me directly.

    Allan Shields, Chief of Police
    Danville Police Department
    510 La Gonda Way
    Danville, CA 94526

  2. cpawn says:

    Chief Shields:

    Thank you. I will consider your offer but believe you have enough information herein to locate the case.

    If you have read this blog beyond the alert you received on your officer’s name, you may also know that only weeks later I was removed from the same home (that I purchased and that he inhabited) under a falsified restraining order (which he dropped 12 weeks later at the beginning of the said hearing).

    On that night, yet another Danville officer chose to interpret a conflicting mark on the order to mean that the order also included my then 16 year old daughter. (One place on the document was crossed off/lined through as to not include my daughter and the other was a single mark, not a check mark that said to include her). Without question or clarification from the judge or otherwise, the officer defaulted to the single mark and I never saw my daughter again. My exposure to the Danville PD is not one, but multiple incidents.

    The loss of my daughter is not the fault of the Danville PD. But the Danville PD definitely contributed.

  3. Danville resident says:

    Emily Neabeack sounds like a nightmare! I also have dealt with the Danville Police regarding domestic violence and they are just terrible — biased, rude, and unskilled.

    What a disgrace to law enforcement everywhere.

  4. cpawn says:

    Triage is an in-the-moment, and short-sighted business so maybe they achieved the threshold of expectation. I know that I’ve reassessed my expectations and how I would handle future threats should I ever be so unfortunate.

    How a 250 pound man shatters 2 doors, is obviously unsettled, loud and irritated when the officers arrive while I and my kids stand there speechless–only to ask me what I did to make him mad taught my daughter everything she needs to know about police officers. (Seriously, how often do you need the police in Danville, really? There just aren’t a whole lot of teachable moments that prove value in this town and giving out speeding tickets in front of SRV High School isn’t one of them.)

    Had I not called them, they wouldn’t have been in my home. That’s my take-away. And my daughter wouldn’t have been left with the impression that violence is OK if someone makes you mad. Frankly, I’d love to have the video from that night. I’d personally transcribe it and post it herein. I’d like to see my daughter’s face when Officer Neabeack made her remarks. Actually, I’d just like to see my daughter’s face…

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