I wonder how many lives Sue Mayo, James Paulsen, the Contra Costa Family Court Services have decimated?

Yes. People are wounded coming through their doors. But to harm the least of these looms on their souls. A couple unfortunate individuals who have found themselves, unwittingly, inside the dark world of Sue Mayo, James Paulson and their elk, have contacted me. I’ve penned a recap for their use and will include it here.

I’ve not seen my daughter since she was 15 years old. She’s now over 20. Her 3 older brothers have not seen her in as many years.

The single line of demarcation was when my daughter told her father that she wanted to live with me and visit him. That was the shot heard around the world as he stormed out of the house slamming the front door and sending her in tears to her room that night. Then his tantrum was given unfettered flight by Contra Costa Family Court system (Sue Mayo, James Paulsen, Trevor White, et al).

My ex-husband (name withheld), began with a fabricated TRO that he dropped once he had emptied my home of all its contents and moved my daughter to an undisclosed location. The story ended with him moving with my daughter in tow to Las Vegas. This was all made possible by Sue Mayo’s report to the courts summarizing a meeting she had with (name withheld) and me lasting 50 minutes. This meeting was held via teleconference because (name withheld) is twice my size and had been physically threatening to me on multiple occasions (multiple police reports), so I requested separate rooms. Sue Mayo sat in the other room for the entire duration of the conference so she wasn’t even in the same room when she determined that I needed therapy to adjust to the loss of my daughter (as recommended by her report).

Who was the model parent, the one given full physical custody? My ex-husband suffered long bouts of unemployment, was socially reclusive and battled a child pornography addiction his whole adult life by his own account (I submitted to the courts, in his own hand writing, his admission of said).

Sue Mayo’s professional response to this: “He’s allowed to look at whatever he wants.” In retrospect, I can only ask why a man with such an addiction needed full, unabridged control of my daughter? Whatever the answer, Sue Mayo obliged him.

While holding full weight in the courts, Sue Mayo’s report lacked the most basic psychological principles of evaluation, suggested I fabricated the porn addiction issue even with a stack of evidence in the file she held including that (name withheld) was seeing a psychologist specializing in porn addiction for years and his own written admission. While Mayo never found it important enough to mention those items and more in her report, she did enable my ex-husband to consume the life of my daughter, in total.

No matter what happens, my daughter is damaged. My heart is forever missing a someone so vital that it’s nearly unspeakable. My daughter and I trusted the courts for fairness, for justice, for safety, in a moment of great need. What we got was Sue Mayo.


I received this letter in response to the above. It’s so good to know that the state relies on an unrelated, uninvolved party to watch over the mediators. (That was satire).

So–who does this chain of command protect? The kids? The parents? No. it protects the power-intoxicated social workers who are left completely ungoverned, unbridled and without any measure or test of veracity. What a racket.

State of California DOJ

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8 Responses to Human behavior is predictable

  1. Ji says:

    There is a different oversight than the Attorney general, though in general, you are correct that the Attorney General starting with Kamala Harris created a sham organization that states it protects children.

    Our reporters contacted the Attorney General’s office to find out how the Attorney General works to protect kids from the likes of pro-child abuse folks, such at the Contra Costa family court hatchet persons (Sue Mayo, Mary Jo, Jim Paulsen, et al).

    The Attorney General’s office did not respond to our request for a statement on the above.

  2. cpawn says:

    The issue with state-funded, toxic social workers is complicated… as would be any truly effective remedy. Its long and self-perpetuating history has reinforced a well-oiled machine of dysfunction. Certainly there’s some truth to priorities and milestones are set at the top, whether the CEO, COO or leader.

    In my professional life, I’ve interviewed Gov. Jerry Brown at length and I’m well and sadly aware of the state’s priorities. Concern for its children is not one of them.

  3. Sarah says:

    Can you place the (properly redacted) court documents here on the blog? I think the world would really benefit from understanding the harm and damage that the Sue Mayo and Jim Paulsen team are inflicting upon children and families.

    These documents would certainly validate your story, and would provide irrefutable evidence. It would make it impossible for Jim Paulsen and Sue Mayo to discredit this source, as is so easily done with any blog out there.

    Post the documents, protect your information via redaction, and tell all readers how ludicrous these people are.

    • CPawnWPAdmin says:

      Hello: Sue Mayo’s report has been added today as the latest entry. Let me know if there’s anything further I can add.

      • Sarah says:

        Thanks for posting that. I’ll having to review it thoroughly to be able to accurately cite all of the flaws. However, that’s a poorly written report, and relies heavily upon speculation and non-facts.

        That seems like a rather long FCS report. It’s unfortunate to see that some time went into such a poor work product.

  4. Jane says:

    Guess what?

    Penal Code 311.11 makes it a crime to knowingly possess or control any child pornography that was produced using a person under 18.

    Why didn’t Sue Mayo turn this guy into the District Attorney? I would file a complaint with the District Attorney.

    • CPawnWPAdmin says:

      I have a trail of names (Danville PD and FBI in Oakland) who will advise you that unless you have a victim who will testify or similar evidence, it’s not worth their time. They do not have the bandwidth, nor inclination to go through the motions when the court will throw it out.

      • Jane says:

        That makes an even better case for why Family Court Services should simply make a referral to the Contra Costa County District Attorney in these types of cases, rather than breaching their role and scope, or burdening a non-legal person to try to suss out the proper path forward.

        But I guess being a civil servant isn’t about helping the public any longer. It’s about pulling in bucks and moola for the government agencies.


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