Here’s the bad news: Self-involved narcissists are able to manipulate teenagers and harm them for the rest of their lives likely perpetuating a whole new generation of narcissists. After all, someone who is their own god can do no evil in their world, population 1. Sad. Heart-breaking. But eventually life goes on.

Both my ex-husband and daughter have worked themselves into total irrelevance with my and my family’s lives. Neither of them are so much as mentioned at family gatherings in well over a year.

Grandchildren do not remember their aunt and that’s really for the best. Far better to isolate the dysfunction to Las Vegas where it has found a most perfect home.

I read a couple boards over a year ago about how children try to return later in life and are mystified when they are not welcome. I hope with everything inside me I never have to experience such a morbid curiosity on the part of the princess. I’ve been told by friends that “she will show up at the most inconvenient time.” I happen to think the inconvenience will be hers.

I’m a firm believer that we make our own beds in life, and I prefer not to witness the carnage.

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