Getting dumped for a computer mouse

I’m no prude. Quite the opposite. But I am attracted to those around my age. Not guys that could be my kids. Not men who could be my father. Guys my age. And real. They must live and breathe.

I have been with someone for many years who idolized young girls… it’s like he got stuck in a particular age and forgot that he continued to age. I now think that a lifetime addiction to pornography crafts that frozen state. contrived and without reality. After all, porn images never age. They are exactly what you want, when you want, how you want. They are the age, body type, fit and finish, that you want. made to order at all times. In fact, they are you… a projection of your thoughts and wants, only female.

I had a stunning moment of realization of how long I had lived with a porn addict’s reality and its impact on my life when I found myself walking into town with a male friend. I, in my 50s and he in his 70s, and a group of high school girls passed us on the road laughing and chatting.

“I know,” I said without thought. “Hot girls… ”

He looked at me stunned. “What are you talking about,” he replied stunned. “Those are kids…”

In that moment, at that time, I realized how my reality had been warped. And it was warped. They were just kids.

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